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Tickle Torturing my Neighbor.
It was this past Saturday when I was sitting on the couch with my family watching Top Gear when we got a knock on the door. And I being the only one who felt like getting up answered the door. Standing at the door was my neighbor Mike. He is 14 years old, only an inch taller than Michael and had slightly prettier feet. He had short curly brown hair and he smiled at me as the door opened. His face turned red at seeing me.
“Hey Mike.” I said.
“Hey,” He replied. “Can you come with me for a second?”
I said that I would and began to walk next to him.
“Whatcha need?” I asked.
“It’s really hard to explain.” Mike said.
“Then just do your best.” I said.
We stopped at the edge of the driveway and Mike looked around, then looked at me.
“There’s something I need to ask you for,” He said. “It’s a big favor.”
I was immediately concerned. Why would a 14 year old need something from me? But I guess I was about to find out.
“I was talking with Michael yesterday, and he said that you tickled him all the time.” Mike’s face went red.
If I’m honest, I think my face almost went red as well. I don’t think it’s common for people to share their tickle stories on person.
“Well I don’t tickle him without a reason.” I said.
“I was thinking about tickling and I tried getting my dog to tickle me and it didn’t really work.” Mike said.
I was beginning to wonder where this conversation was going.
“I then used a pencil to draw on my belly and feet and I discovered that I liked to be tickled.” As Mike finished his sentence he turned around and exhaled.
“Are you asking me to tickle you?” I said.
“That’s the favor,” He replied. “My parents are going to a meeting tomorrow across town for the evening and they are leaving me home. Could you do it then?”
It was impossible for me to turn down an offer like that.
“Sure,” I said. “But why me?”
“Michael told me that if there was a foot tickling contest you would win. Guess that makes you a good tickler.” He said.
“I’ll see you tomorrow then.” I said.
We said our good byes and walked away.
As I got back inside my heart raced. I was so excited! No one had ever ASKED me to tickle them before.
“What did he want?” My dad said.
“He just needs a babysitter tomorrow evening.” I replied.
That night, I grabbed a piece of Velcro and a feather and set them by my phone for tomorrow.
The next day, at around 5 30 Mike’s parents left and I headed over. I had the Velcro and feather in my pocket and was ready to go, but not ready for what I saw.
Mike had a workout bench that he had fastened some ankle straps to with a rope hanging from the ceiling.
“What’s this?” I asked rather shocked.
“I uh.. um…” Mike paused. “I just don’t want you to go easy on me.”
Every sentence Mike said got me more and more excited. His plan was for me to tie his hands above his head while he sat on the bench and then tie his ankles down with the straps. He really wanted me to torture him. Here I was thinking this was going to be a normal tickle session.
Mike took his shirt and shoes off. He was going to take his socks off but I told him to leave them on. I was going to give Mike the tickle that he wanted. So I wanted to play with his feet before taking the socks off. I taped a fabric around his wrists (it’s the same fabric you see someone cleaning their glasses or phone’s with) before tying the rope to prevent any injury at all. Then I strapped his ankles into place. There was a certain smell coming from his feet that almost made me instantly start torturing his feet. But I had to start with his upper body, once I started to tickle his feet, I wouldn’t switch to another part of the body. I walked over to his bare chest and Mike smiled at me.
“Are you sure you want me to do this?” I asked, almost afraid he’d say no.
“I told you I like being tickled. He said. Which didn’t answer my question but I began to lightly drag my hands around his slim belly. Mike smiled and giggled.
“Don’t go hehehe easy hehehehe!” He said between giggles.
“As you wish.” I said.
With that, my nails dove into Mike’s armpits and began to wiggle and tickle. Mike burst out with laughter immediately. He shook his head from side to side laughing. His face turned red as my hands began to tickle his ribs.
Mike laughed hard but I guess he was loving this.
As one hand tickled his armpit, the other hand dove into his belly button and wiggled around. Mike screamed with laughter and tears began to roll down his face.
I stopped tickling for a moment so he could catch his breathe.
“That was amazing!” he said. “do that thing again where you tickled my belly button AND my armpit!”
“There is no way you are loving the tickling this much.” I said knowing that Michael would be begging for mercy right about now.
“But I am.” He said.
Before he said another word, I dove a finger into his belly button and tickled his armpit again. Once again Mike screamed and shook his head around. This was a dream come true for me.
But then it was time to move on to his feet.
Mike was breathing heavily. As he caught his breathe he said,
“That was a rush!”
And as I sat down beside his feet I looked at him to see what his expression would be. His face looked eager to see what I would do. He already knew that when I tickled Michael I focused on his feet. And as many times as I have tickled Michael, I know the “special” ways to tickle his feet.
I took my finger and lightly tickled around his socked feet. His toes would twitch here and there and Mike smiled as he watched his feet get tickled. I was only warming up his feet for the real attack though. Very slowly I removed the sock from his left foot, and as his foot became bare Mike almost had a concerned look on his face. It seemed as though he was about to underestimate just how good I am at tickling feet. I then took the sock off of his right foot and Mike said.
“How much do you think this is going to tickle?”
Instead of replying with words, I let a single finger stroke his left foot. His foot flinched and Mike looked surprised. But before he could say anything, I took all five fingers and began to lightly tickle the bottom of his left foot. Mike let out a sharp laugh that seemed to increase in volume the more I tickled his foot. My fingers had started by tickling his arch and then tickling down to his heel, then tickling back up to the toes. As I tickled the toes on his left foot, Mike went into a silent laughter and shook his body around. Still not done with this foot, I held the toes back and let my other hand scramble all over his arch and heel. Then I pulled the feather out and began to tickle it across his foot.
“OH NO!!!” Mike shouted as he felt the feather begin its tickle torture. The feather really tickled his arch and toes. I got an even bigger scream and laugh as I let the feather tickle in between his toes. Mike went back into silent laughter as the feather tickled his foot. Then to add to the torture I tickle his foot with my fingers and the feather at the same time just to see what would happen. Mike almost turned blue from laughing so hard. So I stopped tickling to give him a break and give him some water. But as he drank I couldn’t help but tickle his armpits and watch Mike struggle to keep the water from falling. (I untied his arms by the way). After a few more seconds, I returned to his feet.
“You really know how to tickle my feet.” Mike said “This is fun!”
“I still have one secret weapon that your feet will get to meet in a couple minutes.” I replied.
Then I began to use a single finger to draw circles on the heel of his right foot. Mike wasn’t going to play tough guy like Michael would. Mike began to giggle. And the giggle turned into a soft laugh. And the soft laugh turned to a scream as my finger nails surprised his arch and toes. I had begun scrambling my nails all over his right foot as Mike laughed harder and harder. Then I held his toes back to fully expose that ticklish arch of his. As my nails began to tickle his stretched arch, Mikes laughes became screams in an instant and his body thrashed around as his foot was tickled.
“Does this tickle Mike?” I said.
My answer came in the form of a laughing scream. Mike’s face had turned red as day and tears were streaming off his face. Then I held his big toe back and let the feather slide in between his toes. Mike went back into silent laughter as the feather tickled Mike’s foot to no end. I had completely forgot that he had water to drink and soon enough Mike was begging for a break. Then I made a bet.
“If you can hold that in while your dog and I lick your feet, I will let you go, otherwise I’ve got one more tool to use on your foot.”
Mike hesitated but then agreed.
“You don’t have to let me go early.” He said. “This is fun for me.”
I brought his dog in and placed it next to Mike’s left foot. The dog and I would lick his feet at the same time to tickle Mike and see if he could hold his pee in.
The dog got started right away, licking away at that foot. Mike giggled and wiggled his toes. I however chose to lick between his toes. Knowing that’s where he was more ticklish. The dog’s tongue tickled his left arch and I licked in between Mike’s toes. Mike began to laugh pretty hard. The dog just kept a consistent lick on the foot and eventually left. But I wasn’t done. As I licked in between those toes, I must have hit a real ticklish spot because Mike couldn’t hold it in any longer. He did pee himself.
“I guess I lose.” Mike said.
“Yeah you did.” I replied reaching for the Velcro. Now for your final tickle!”
Mike smiled.
“Tell me how this feels” I said as the Velcro began to tickle his left foot.  Mike’s eyes bulged and then he immediately began to scream in laughter as the Velcro did a thorough job of tickling his trapped foot.
“Tickle tickle tickle!” I said.
I began to rub the Velcro faster and Mike was now thrashing around and trying to pull his ticklish foot away while he silently laughed. Mike let in a huge breathe and went right back into silent laughter.  Tears still streaming down his face. As the Velcro tickled over to his right foot though, Mike almost passed out from laughing so hard. I’ve never seen someone love this kind of tickling before. I paused for a moment to let him catch his breathe but the moment I did, Mike told me, actually told me to keep tickling.
So I listened and had the Velcro tickle one foot while I tickled the other with my nails. Tickling both feet at the same time really showed how brave Mike was to let me tickle torture his feet like this. Anyone else would have passed out by now but Mike still sat up screaming and laughing as I tickled his feet. Before I let him go I let all 10 fingers tickle his right foot and tickle in between each of his toes, then tickle all over his left foot as well. Right before Mike looked like he could handle no more, the Velcro tickled his right foot again tickling up and down his arch in a very fast rubbing motion. Mike screamed and silently laughed as I tickled in between his toes with the feather and tickled his arch with the Velcro. And then, as hard as it was for me to do, I let him go. Good news is, There will be a part 2 soon….
This is the most fun I have ever had with tickling
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Death-by-tickle Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015   Traditional Artist
is there a pt 2 yet?
IndirectStrike Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015
You might say it's kn the works ;)
Darkman1990 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014
If you could, write a part two of the story.
IndirectStrike Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014
I have tickled him a couple times after this story. So I could produce another story. We shall see
Darkman1990 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014
Okay. It should be interesting.
TickleSoles Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014
omg where can i find this kid lmao
dehevia Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014
I loved this story, dude!!!! Please second part!!!
hellos123 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
This was true? Wow you are so lucky! :)
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