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Okay, this is not exactly a TV show cartoon character BUT he is a cartoon and I wish that he could be tickled like the story will detail bellow. This is from a comic book series known as Calvin and Hobbes. If you have never read this, you need to start reading NOW! It’s a hilarious comic and recommend it 100%. NOW onto the story…

Calvin had just come home from school. Tired and ready to just finish his day, and as he opened the door to his home and shouted to his mother “I’M HOME!!!” Hobbes had leaped from the spot on the carpet from which he was laying and tackled Calvin right out the door.
“Did ya miss me?” asked Hobbes.
“Nope, and you sure didn’t miss me.” replied Calvin.
Calvin stood up and dusted himself off.
“You know I might end up in a better mood if you’d stop doing that every day.” Said Calvin
“But what’s the fun in that?” replied Hobbes.
Calvin walked up the stairs to his room.
“Hey there Calvin.” Said his Mom. “Your father and I are going out in just a minute and we can’t find a babysitter. Think you could behave yourself until we get back?”
I can but I don’t know about Hobbes. He always gets me into trouble.”
“Right dear. I’ll keep that in mind.”
And about an hour later, Calvin’s parents left him alone to do whatever he wanted.
Calvin sat in front of the television and flipped on cartoons. Hobbes joined him shortly. As they watched the television they had a very intellectual conversation.
At some point, Hobbes’s tail had flicked against Calvin’s arm a few times and each time it did, Calvin flinched just a little. Hobbes made a mental note of this as they headed back up to Calvin’s room. Calvin layed on his bed for a moment then sat up to read a comic book.
“I’m Bored” said Hobbes.
“Read a comic book.” said Calvin.
Hobbes hopped up on Calvin’s bed and began to poke at Calvin’s arm.
“Stop it Hobbes that’s annoying.” said Calvin.
Hobbes thought for a moment. He wanted to play but Calvin wasn’t sharing any attention. So Hobbes poked at Calvin’s rib cage. Calvin jumped through the roof almost and shot a look at Hobbes.
“What was that for?” yelled Calvin.
“Nothing” said Hobbes with a smile.
“I oughta hit you for that.” said Calvin.
But Hobbes thought first and began to poke at Calvin’s ribs some more. Calvin began giggling and then collapsed on his bed with laughter.  He tickled Calvin’s armpits and watched as Calvin laughed and yelled for help.
“Coochie Coo!” said Hobbes.
Calvin was kicking at Hobbes to get away.
Hobbes stopped tickling and took hold of Calvin’s feet. Still in shoes and socks from his long school day. Calvin was unable to do anything as he caught his breathe.
“What naughty feet you have here!” said Hobbes. “I think they need a little attention as well.”
Hobbes pinned Calvin’s ankles to the bed and took his shoes off.
“Hey what are you doing?” shouted Calvin. “Don’t take off my shoes! Are you nuts? Hey stop!”
With that, Hobbes removed Calvin’s socks as well. After Calvin’s feet were bare, Hobbes took his nails and began running them across Calvin’s feet rapidly.
“Phew! Your feet stink!” said Hobbes as he tickle tortured those ticklish feet. “Lets see if we can tickle the smell off!”
Hobbes used all his nails on Calvin’s left foot and scrambled his fingers all over the arch, heel, and toes of Calvin’s trapped foot.
Hobbes moved on to Calvin’s right foot.
But hobbes was having too much fun to stop! He took Calvin’s feet in his hands and began to lick the captive feet in front of him.
Calvin screamed as Hobbes licked in between his toes and tickled his feet. Hobbes had discovered Calvin’s weakness…. And after he let Calvin go, he vowed to tickle again

Part 2: Sweet Dreams
(this is a 2 part thing)Its short but its sweet.
Hobbes point of view:
Hobbes was fast asleep and in his dream he saw a large lollipop in the distance. he aproached it and it began to speak.
"Do it Hobbes!" the lollipop said.
Hobbes was confused...
"Do what?"
"Lick me of course!"
Hobbes thought the idea of a lollipop sounded good right then. so he lay down on the lollipop's stick and began to lick the lollipop. The lollipop began to wiggle and laugh as he licked it. The more he licked the more addicted he got to it. Then he decided he wanted to save it for later, so he used his tail to clean off the lollipop. And the lollipop laughed even more! Then Hobbes awoke. He was laying on Calvin's leg and tickling his right foot the whole time. Calvin was panting for air.
"Why did you do that?" asked Calvin.
Hobbes wasn't sure what to say so instead continued to lick Calvin's foot for another few minutes until hefell back asleep.
(Calvin's point of view)
Calvin couldn't sleep. He tossed and turned underneathe his blanket. As he rolled around his right foot poked out of the blanket and suddenly he was comfortable and was slowly shutting his eyes when he felt Hobbes move on the bed and lay down on his right leg.
At first Calvin didn't mind but then he felt the warm tounge slowly drag itself from his heel right up to his toes. Calvin giggled and tried to push Hobbes away but to no use. Suddenly the licking began to speed up and Calvin's giggle quickly turned into a laugh. Calvin squirmed around on his bed trying to escape Hobbes tickle torture. But Hobbes just wouldn't stop. Hobbes tongue would slip in between his toes causing a spike in his laughter and then the licking continued right in the middle of his ticklish arch. Right when Calvin couldn't take anymore, Hobbes awoke.
Calvin looked at Hobbes.
"Why did you do that?" demanded Calvin.
Suddenly Hobbes turned back to the trapped foot and began licking it again. Calvin tried hard to fight against Hobbes but the tickling was just too much. Calvin didn't have enough time to regain energy and so Hobbes tickled him to sleep
Calvin is tickled by Hobbes from the popular comic book series
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DaIx-the-Dark-Fear Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
I LOVE Calvin & Hobbes. One of my favorite comics of all time. And this story is really cute. I like that you added the very same quote he gave in a strip where his feet were tickled. Very nice touch ^__^
IndirectStrike Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
well i felt like i had to capture calvin's real attitude so i may have copied that one line :)
DaIx-the-Dark-Fear Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
And I think you did quite well ^^ Was kinda fun. Half wonder if Calvin sorta liked it himself even :P
IndirectStrike Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
I wish I knew the answer to that. And the comic strip where he gets his feet tickled is my favorite one
DaIx-the-Dark-Fear Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
I imagine so :P It's kinda fun, yeah ^^ One of only two where he does get tickled at all, and the other one, it's not exactly clear where he's getting it.
IndirectStrike Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
I remember that one. I liked that he got tickled the whole time but yeah it wasn't clear
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